Working Women – Women with a purpose.

I went to visit a friend in Croydon today, so naturally popped into a couple of the opshops out that way. I left with a great find.

Those readers of my old blog would know that I’m a huge lover of two things. Reference books, and anything novelty. So though I only found one thing today, I’m so happy with what I did find.
It’s this well compiled and humorous, reference book titled ‘Working Women – A photographic collection of Women with a purpose’  By Jessica Strang

The book features images of Vintage ‘working’ ladies.  Decorative and functional vintage items based on the female form.  There’s some amazing things in here!

The combination of the title and the cover image was what made me double look at it! The feminist side of me was like ‘Um wew what?’

But then I started to flick through and had a good chuckle.  It’s very clever!

This book is written by a Woman, a feminist and a photographer, Jessica Strang, who though may have photographed potential controversial items of the past, doesn’t subject you to any opinions on the topic of woman as objects, or ‘Working Women.’  The issues behind the objects photographed are left up to you to decide and discuss.
That is a great thing, as history can’t be changed, but we can learn from it, appreciate it and form our own opinions.

There are so many great images in this book, everything was included from 2000 year old structural building detail, to (my favorite) the completely kitsch!
I wanted to put them all up! But I just chose some of my favorites to share.

I apologise for my dodgy iphone photos! I can’t find my camera at the moment! Aargh.  Anyway here they come!

‘Working skirts’  Some fabulous lamps!

Check out those heels! And those sunglasses.

Mermaids are my favorite! She’s got the title right, ‘Luring Ladies’

What a stunning 1930′s candlestick!

Hahah another clever play on words, Tea ladies and ‘Tee’ Lady.


Fabulous advertising cardboard cutouts ‘Sales Girls’

Wowzers, check out that table!

Well that’s all from me today!!
I’m so pleased that I found another great book to add to my ever growing reference collection. And for a mere $5! Bargain.
I really need a new bookshelf.  The top shelf is slowly getting stacked higher and higher.

Until my next post!

Trish Hunter xx