Why I love Sundays!

Aargh gosh I LOVE Sundays!   Maybe not the ridiculous time my alarm goes off, the unpredictable Melbourne weather, or the very short time that I get to be open for, but the things I love completely dismiss the things I don’t.

It’s sort of like Christmas, except I get it 52 times a year!  Yeah okay perhaps I’m a little exagerative, but at the moment it’s how I feel.

I used to wish for that as a kid!  Christmas every day actually.  So greedy!
I remember throwing a coin into a wishing well, and wishing for Christmas every day, and for these little tiny toy baby figures that’s nappy’s changed colour when it went in different water temperatures.

Actually, that was probably around this time… (Adds period Christmas photo for effect)

Playing the most beautiful wind instrument - the recorder of course - at the Primary School Christmas concert. That would be me on the end in the red belting out 'Silent Night'

Hooray they both came true!  I got my weird nappy changing babies, and now I get lots of Christmas’s in a year.
Aargh, so I’m a little cheesy, I know that, but hey who doesn’t like cheese!

I love Sundays at Camberwell Market for so many reasons.

Hmm maybe I’ll say them in point form, as there’s quite a few reasons.

  • I love the unspoken Wow mimed by people who’ve never seen me before as they walk towards my shop.  It gives me a little tickle that I never want to scratch!
  • I love how happy people are when they purchase something from me.  They’re so grateful, and I love that things that I also love are going to good homes!
  • I love coffee and donuts! Yeah maybe that should have been point one.
  • I love meeting and putting faces to Facebook names who I feel like I know, but have never met!
  • I love chatting and spreading the virus that I love most: Vintage!
  • I love seeing happy people taking photos standing in the doorway, or posing with a big smile next to my sign!
  • I love hearing that I’ve inspired people to follow their dreams, or work towards something that they’ve been wanting to do for so long.  That’s probably the most amazing thing anyone could ever say to me.
  • I love that I come home after a days work to emails and messages from customers, or people who have just popped in that day, to say Thank you Not for anything other than just making their day!  How can you compare that to anything.
  • I love to be finally dressing a mannequin!  For so long I’ve wanted to put my favorite dresses on mannequins and make pretty displays, and now I finally can!
  • I love that I can finally… after wanting one since I was so young… say Welcome to my shop
  • I love that I go to bed feeling rewarded, content and happy for just doing something that I love.
  • I love everyone who’s made me feel like this! As I never thought I could be this happy, and my little shop wouldn’t be anything without you guys! So a big, huge and massive thank you to you all.
  • I love how as soon as Sunday ends, I have something to look forward to for the whole week again until the next Sunday! – See cheesy!

There’s probably a heap more dot points, but that’s all for now, well at least it’s the main ones!

Until my next post!

Trish Hunter x