Vintage Villiage Fair – Eolian Hall – Lygon St Carlton

Hello hello!

On Saturday I was beyond excited to visit the first vintage fair that was predominantly clothing, since my passion for vintage clothing came back (Another hi-five to that I think!)

So, I couldn’t WAIT! I was a little nervous, as I knew many of the sellers there, and I knew the kind of amazing stock they’d have, which was where the nerves kicked in.  How much was I going to have to spend…. (Do you like the use of the word ‘have’ rather than ‘want’?)

It opened at 10am the Saturday morning, which meant I had half an hour (yeah right) to look around before I had to leave for the shop.I walked in and beelined for the first stall.

I saw an amazing frock!

I saw two amazing frocks


Four… OH CRAP!

They were all un-priced too. (You know what that generally means… $$$$$)

With a few slung over my arm I nervously asked the lady how much they were, and she replied…

‘They’re very very small, and not perfect, so I’ve got $30 on each of them”


I loaded up and at my very first stall left with 4 vintage fabulous vintage frocks.  A blog post on those is to come shortly.

I finally got into the more appropriate head space of the fair, and wandered around.

Second up was my dear friend Catherine’s stall (Which was masssive, like I’m talking a third of the hall, I’m not even joking.)  I began to look through the racks and racks of 50′s frocks and I felt my heart fluttering (or freaking out)

I pulled out one that I fell in love with and looked to be my size.

It was a pink painterly frock with the cutest bow detail.  I had to buy it, and I did!

5 Frocks purchased. (Oh no… I won’t be telling Gareth about this.)

Luckily I held onto my cash tightly for the rest of the stalls, as mad as I could have gone, and just enjoyed taking a few photos of some pretty things rather than buying them all (Which I very easily could have done… *sigh*)

Here’s some pictures from the day :)

Some of Catherine’s stall!

I took so so many photos of beautiful things, this is just a glimpse!

That lavender number pwoah!

A beautiful 1930′s vintage miniature mannequin lady. I kept calling her name but she just wouldn’t turn around. How rude.

I love these vintage pop up books! This was in amazing condition!

I loved this hat, it reminded me of Autumn (and matched my dress that day perfectly) But I just couldn’t justify buying even more!

Um amazing! And to see so many in one place! I actually thought as there were so many that the owner had made them ‘in the style of’ but no no, these were all original Enid Collins handbags. Yum!!

I had already bought a dress off Catherine that day, and this was my second preference that I’m secretly hoping doesn’t sell because I want it next time! It’s a beautiful cotton 50′s/60′s frock with it’s original belt that has a matching fabric flower on it! Lovvvve it!

This was my next preference, ah-mazing! I’d have to have a super special occasion to wear that number.  Best green!

Here we are!

You can find where Catherine is ‘fair-ing’ next by visiting her Facebook page here!

I ended up getting to the shop at nearly 12:30pm (whoops)

The perks of having an amazing business partner/boyfriend to man it without me.

Well that’s all from me today!

Until my next post

Trish Hunter xx