Fantastic Plastic

Vintage Plastic! Bright bold and exciting retro designs that changed the world in the 60s and 70s. The title Fantastic Plastic says it all. It’s plastic, It’s FANTASTIC!! This would have to be my favorite vintage category. ‘Fantastic Plastic’ played a major role in the 50’s right through to the 70’s. It was then being used to create anything and everything, as it was a cheaper and more flexible product alternative than wood and metals. Vintage designers Eero-aarnio, Verner Panton, & Charles & Ray Eames took advantage of this new medium. Vintage Furniture, Kitchenware, and appliances were made in shapes and colours that we had never seen before. Because a lot of these items were made using molds, rather than crafted by hand, they could be produced quickly and cheaply, bringing a whole new level of mass production. This was the beginning of disposable items, as people could now buy new & fashionable items cheap, and dispose of them when they went out of fashion. Disposing of these common items of the day, results in few being around today! Making a lot of plastic items hard to come by, and quite collectable. Whether it’s a set of quality retro Rosti mixing bowls, or a Vintage Weltron 2007 record player. It’s a piece of history in our homes! Our online vintage plastic category is just a snippet at the pieces we have available. We have thousands of vintage and retro pieces including plastics, not only in our online vintage shop but in our Melbourne Vintage Shop! We're located at 553 Plenty Road Preston, Melbourne open Fri-Sun 11-6pm
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