Vintage Kitsch

I love vintage kitsch pieces!! They're so odd, weird, and kooky! The retro pieces have such great personality and humour! I love them. There's something intriguing about that ugly hairless dog we see being fed at the cafe table. It's just so ugly it's... cute, or more appropriately: kitsch. If it's bad, it's good, and the worse it is, the better it is! And here is a fabulous collection of kitsch. My favorite! Our online vintage kitsch category is just a snippet at the pieces we have available. We have thousands of vintage and retro pieces including lots of kitsch, not only in our online vintage shop but in our Melbourne Vintage Shop! We're located at 553 Plenty Road Preston, Melbourne open Fri-Sun 11-6pm
Vintage Donkey Pulling Cart Planter 3
Pair of Vintage Black Cat Figures
Happy Kids Bobble Head Figures