Vintage Homewares

Here’s what I’d call the Vintage miscellaneous section. Here you’ll find retro items that don’t quite fit in any other categories, but… fit into your home note the title ‘Homewares!’ Some things that you will find here are vintage rotary dial phones, retro candlesticks, andodized apple icebuckets. Our online vintage homewares category is just a snippet at the pieces we have available. We have thousands of vintage and retro pieces including homewares, not only in our online vintage shop but in our Melbourne Vintage Shop! We're located at 553 Plenty Road Preston, Melbourne open Fri-Sun 11-6pm
Vintage Pair of Teak Robust Candlesticks
Pair of Vintage Stag Deer Bookends
Vintage BMF Nagel Candlesticks x 3
Vintage Teak Candlestick
Vintage pair of Owl Bookends