Australian Pottery

Vintage and Retro Australian Pottery from the 50’s – 70’s is one of my favorite things to both collect and sell. Some of my favorites are Stunning Ellis figures, Gunda vases, and of course what’s more retro than polka dotted Diana kitchenware. Vintage pottery pieces can make great talking points, and great investment pieces. There are some stunning decorative pieces, but practical pieces for everyday use. Our online vintage pottery category is just a snippet at the pieces we have available. We have thousands of vintage and retro pieces including pottery, not only in our online vintage shop but in our Melbourne Vintage Shop! We're located at 553 Plenty Road Preston, Melbourne open Fri-Sun 11-6pm
Vintage Ellis Pottery Polka-dot Vase
Vintage Ellis Pottery Boomerang Dish
Ellis Pottery Dish
Vintage Gunda Australian Pottery Vase
Large Square Gunda Vase
Australian Pottery Ashtray
Sylha Pottery Jug Set
Elsa Ardern Pottery Hanging Pot
Betty McLaren Owl Bowl