Vintage Ellis Pottery

Vintage Ellis Pottery, circa 1950s - 1970's - Amazing vintage ceramics. Ellis is my favorite brand of Australian Pottery. Their pieces are so detailed, mid century, stylized and fabulous. Ellis it was created by Dagmar and Miloslav Kratochvil (originally from Czechoslovakia) in their Abbotsford home backyard of Melbourne, in 1953. They created a lot of slip ware domestic ceramics, but also created some stunning retro figurines and ornaments, mostly of abstract/modernist animals. You can view vintage and retro Australian pottery not only online but in our physical shop! We're located at 553 Plenty Road Preston, Victoria open Fri-Sun 11-6pm
Vintage Ellis Pottery Polka-dot Vase
Vintage Ellis Pottery Boomerang Dish
Ellis Pottery Dish