The Vintage Shed in Tyabb

Last Friday, Betty and I were invited by Tamarah of Shabby Vintage Junk to go on a road trip to The Vintage Shed in Tyabb!  She has a stall there in the back right hand corner where she sells some crazy great shabby vintage junk!!
I want EVERYTHING! It’s very very dangerous.

I’d never been down to Tyabb before but had heard great things so I was super excited!
The stalls are so different to those in Melbourne, heaps of Industrial goodies that had my heart fluttering with excitement, and a great variety of treasures at great prices. 

Even Betty was licking her lips at the thought of all the treasures within!

I took some photos that might entice you to go for a day trip down!  But leave lots of time, and bring lots of money, because just when you think you’ve come to the end, another massive room appears, and then another and another!! And then, as you’re about to leave while thinking, gosh I didn’t see many clothes, you’re hit in the head with the Vintage Clothing Emporium.  Another huge building with what felt like 20 rooms filled to the brim with vintage clothing from the 1940′s right through to the 80′s.  And the prices are to gasp for!! Bargains galore!

Ok some snaps!

That’s Tamarah’s stall! I have my eye on the waste paper basket on the floor! Love it!

I wanted SO many things from Vintage Girls stall! So many adorable tin globes and money boxes! Aargh! The Butterfly print was pretty rad too!

Are your palms sweating too?? Get down there folks!

This if I had a few hundred dollars to spend would have been what I put in the boot.  Is this the most amazing chair you’ve ever seen? Oh it’s just fabulous!

Tamarah and I then went and emptied out the car, and went on a hunt for some treasures!! We found lots! Some of which I’ll do a post of shortly that now lives in my Loungeroom!

And then… on the way home, look at that beautiful sunset.  A perfect end to a perfect day!!

Until my next post!

Trish Hunter xx