“So you want to be a writer? Fantastic idea!”


So I was in the middle of cleaning my house, listening to my favorite contemporary band “Camera Obscura” and as I was singing/dancing along to the song “Swans” the line “So you want to be a writer? Fantastic idea!” came up.

It’s a funny thing when songs that you’ve sung for so many years all of a sudden mean something more.

I always wanted to be a writer.  Always always always.

As a kid I used to write ‘books’ all the time and the greatest thing in the world were three things. 

1) When I got to go to Dad’s work and use the typewriter to professionally type out my story.
2) When I got to laminate the cover, and…
3) When I could get it spiral bound.

That made me feel like my book was complete and boy was I proud.

I sent so many copies of my books to Paul Jennings when I was really young asking for advice.

I actually got personal replies from him telling me tips, sending me fact sheets, and even signed copies of his books.  I was his biggest fan.

The one thing I really remember is when he told me that ‘The best way to start a book was with a first line that has great impact to get the readers attention’  His example was “On Monday I went to school with a cornflake stuck to my lip.”

My first ‘completed’ book was called ‘Bubble and Squeak’  A story about Siamese twin ghosts (Named of course Bubble and Squeak) and their daily mishaps.

Later on I began writing movie scripts and all kinds of things, and even went onto begin two courses including a performing arts course, and then a media course focusing on Video production.  Both courses were places where I could write scripts, and be a writer in a very creative way.

I loved it.

Then in 2008, I started a blog called Trish Hunter Finds.  A place where I wrote about my life, my Vintage finds,  showed my Vintage outfits and told true stories.

I didn’t really consider that writing.  It was just my brain talking on the computer…. If you know what I mean.  It wasn’t fiction, it was just me, talking, kind of like a fancy diary.

I hadn’t really thought about it much, it was just a hobby at the beginning, which has now grown into a job that I love so much.

But it wasn’t until just now, literally right now, while listening to Camera Obscura, when I heard that line “So you want to be a writer? Fantastic idea!”

And I actually thought to myself, “Hmm I wish I still wrote.”

I then put two and two together and realised, “Um Trish you silly Woman, you do write, you write daily!”

I might not be writing Fiction, writing books or scripts, I might not be laminating and binding books, but I’m self publishing, I have a readership, I get paid to write my posts, and heck, I love what I do!

As someone who is doing this as a living, and to have not considered myself some kind of Author/writer is what really surprised me.  I’m not a silly person, it just hadn’t actually clicked.

The title of a ‘blogger’ I think is what held me back.  “I wasn’t writing I was ‘blogging’.” The difference? I don’t know.  I’m sure many people will say there’s a huge difference, but in my mind a blogger is a writer.  I write, and people read. That’s the two essentials right?

Hey, I know my grammar sucks, and my spelling, even with spell checker isn’t always great, but my story still tells doesn’t it?
I don’t think this makes me any less of a writer.  I’m writing, I’m being creative, and people are reading and enjoying.  I’ve dreamed about that for ever!  And only now I’ve clicked that that’s actually what I’m doing!  What a cool realisation to have.

I am vintage shop owner and I am a writer. Tada!

Amazing.  What a great morning.

Thanks Camera Obscura for the epiphany.

Well that’s all from me!

Until my next post (as a continued writer!)

Trish Hunter xx