sell and hire vintage

Yep, we Buy, Sell & Hire vintage and retro furniture, lighting, art, collectables, antiques, clothing, accessories, ceramics, and everything in between! (More details about buying/selling below)

If your questions aren’t answered here, please check out our faq page!

Hire – (Stock & Space)

STOCK - All of our vintage and retro stock in our huge 200sq meter vintage shop is available for hire at various rates. We’re based in Melbourne.

CARAVAN – As our caravan is no longer being used for markets, it’s available to hire for photoshoots, events and anything you can dream of.

It can be used for a great range of things, not necessarily to sell from.  We’ve even had Masterchef hire it for a photoshoot that appeared on the front cover of the Herald Sun TV guide.

STUDIO SPACE FOR PHOTOSHOOTS – We don’t just offer our fabulous vintage wares for hire; Now that we have our giant vintage shop with our vintage styled rooms, we offer it as a location for photoshoots and more!
Model your items in our showroom.  You have freedom to move and use anything in store to make your rooms perfect, and use our stock as props. Just contact us and we can work together.

Pretty Parcel hires our Vintage shop for her photo shoot

Do you have something to sell?
Time to clear out?
Or perhaps you just have something kicking around you’d like to sell.
Trish Hunter Finds purchases your vintage and retro wares.

Any volume, from individual items, through to whole house deceased estates!
Even if your wares might not be particularly our kind of retro style, send us an email and we may be able to send you in the right direction.

We have a wide range contacts with a great deal of knowledge in their fields, so if it’s not up our alley, we can send your wares to the right places .

We buy sideboards, pottery, ceramics, vintage clothing from antique right through to the 1960′s.  vintage accessories like hats, bags and shoes! LP records, bric-a-brac, furniture, armchairs, retro furniture, lamps, lighting, australian pottery, kitchen ware, and everything else you can think of!

Prices vary depending on rarity, designer, condition, colour, style, fashion, timber, etc.

Most importantly, as you’re sorting through your wares, don’t throw out anything and I mean ANYTHING!! No papers, no clothing, not even old handkerchiefs.  I’m serious! You’ll be amazed at what kind of money you could get for the items that you were about to throw in the skip! Wait until you’ve shown me and I’ll let you know if you can throw it out haha.

Whatever you’re selling, contact Trish Hunter Finds first and we can have a chat.

*Please note* Due to the amount of lovely people asking us to visit their houses to view their vintage treasures, we request a couple of photos of the kind of things you have before hand.  They don’t have to be fancy photos and there only have to be a few, it’s just to give us an idea if it’s worth our time and fuel coming out to you.

We also don’t attend house calls after you have had a garage sale, or after other dealers have been through your home as usually all the things we’re often chasing have already been sold :(

Thanks for reading!

Trish xx