I feel so special to have had my Vintage shops mentioned in some of the following magazines and media that I’ve always loved reading.
I love not only seeing my pride and joy being enjoyed by others, but I love that each article helps to spread the word about the fabulous world of Vintage that so many of us live in!
These articles help people realise the value in buying Vintage, and to help them or you, begin to love it like I do.
So any way we can help spread the word about buying Vintage, is a good thing.

Some of the articles we’ve been in can be seen below.
If you’re interested in the Trish Hunter Finds story, contact me for further information.

Issue 3 Vintage Caravan Magazine 2011 – Cover and story.

Melbourne Weekly April 2010 – Cover and story.

Melbourne Weekly  2010 – Cover and story. (Yep they’re my mannequins!!)

Featured in Peppermint Magazine March 2012

Press album for Vintage shop Trish Hunter FindsMelbourne Weekly May 2011

Inside & Out magazine March 2012

Time Out Melbourne ///and///  The Age’s Good Weekend October 2011

MX Newspaper April 20th 2012 – Cover and article.

The Leader Newspapers for Truly Vintage – May 2013

Issue 1 – Folk Magazine – 2013

Weekend Magazine in the Herald Sun – Sat 15th June 2013 for our Hunter & Co. Vintage shop.

Segment featured on Postcards channel 9 2011.

Here’s an oldy! 2009 how I crashed the Logies in a Vintage dress! – Cover and article. (Read the blog post here…)