Polkadotted Playsuit on a Hot Melbourne Day

Hello and PWOAH!
Gosh Melbourne gets hot!
Today was the hottest day of the year so far, and record highs were in Mildura that hit 45 degrees. Yikes!
It was around 40 degrees here in Melbourne today.
I spent most of the day working from home, waiting for deliveries including my super swish new camera that I treated myself with.
Once that arrived I spent time reading manuals and playing around.
I took a photo of my pixies that you might have seen on my Facebook page!

But here it is again.

Ain’t he adorable? I love my pixies, I have maybe 25ish?
I love them, they’re cheaply made, super kitsch, and oh so adorable.
My latest find was a set of four of them, all in their different poses.
I never thought I’d ever see a set so I was thrilled.

Anyhoo, later that day I got some exciting news, so the husband and I went out to dinner to celebrate.
Now where would be the most ideal place to go out to dinner on a 40 degree day?
I know let’s get INDIAN! Perfect haha.

We do love our spicy foods, but perhaps tonight wasn’t the right night for it.
Thankfully our place is airconditioned so it wasn’t too bad.

This is what I wore!

I rarely wear short dresses but today was an exception.
I bought this 60′s playsuit from my friend Ash! I love it.

It’s fully cotton and has attached shorts underneath so I never come unstuck during a gust of wind.

Lolita sunglasses came back in fashion a few years ago, and I have never let them go.
They’re so happy and bright I love them!
In fact, did you know my friend Shannon from Pretty Parcel is giving away free pairs with any purchase from her store until Christmas!! Wahoo!

Oh did I mention this playsuit has pockets? Ja!


And goodnight!

Until my next post

Trish Hunter xx