My Vintage Dress Overhaul!


So you probably remember in my previous post, I went to a vintage fair and kinda cleaned up! (I’m still squeeing here!)

I just wanted to share with you the new vintage frocks I bought there.

The photos are a bit, well, non descriptive?  I guess that’s what happens when you try to photograph pieces on hangers. I’ll just have to show you them being worn! :):)

Hanging here they look so simple, but there’s nothing simple about any of them.

They all have great detail, lots of stitching and are really really well made.

The best bit is, most of them aren’t in colours I already own!

Photos photos!

All of these frocks besides the pink one, were owned and hand made by one lady in the 1950′s.  So they were all my size, all of a fab era, and all fabbbbulous.

The pink frock is the one I bought from my friend Catherine!
Look at the pretty bow detail around the collar.  I can’t wait to wear it.

The other one is the 1950′s prom dress! LOVE IT!!
I hope to wear it on my Birthday, however every year it pours with rain, so I doubt it’ll be appropriate.  Ah well maybe I’ll wear it anyway and suffer later. :)

The lavender frock is a really simple cotton fabric, which I don’t own many of.
Most of my dresses are heavily patterned. But what I liked about this is one is they’ve created detail in the fabric by heavily pleating areas of the frock.  I really like it!

The coral number has a flocked like floral pattern on top and is just beautiful on!

I actually didn’t capture the pale blue dress well.  It has beautiful large white decorative stitching along each pleat on the skirt which matches the little lace trim underneath.

Oh and it has it’s original belt too! Bonus.

I’m not sure how I’ll go wearing it though, that’s the only one that I can’t see me rushing into wearing.  It’s just so so light in colour, but I just have to remember my post about wearing difficult items. I’ll figure out something no doubt!

Anyway that’s my little new exciting stash! I can’t wait to start wearing them all.

And that’s all from me!

Until my next post

Trish Hunter xx