My Favorite Vintage Orange Coat!

You’ve met this coat before and you’ll continue to see it! It’s my favorite orange coat!

No wait, by saying that it implies I have several orange coats and this is my favorite.
What I mean is it’s my favorite coat and it’s orange! I love it and I live in it!

Something exciting for me today, is I got to wear my LBD.
In my forever long time of wearing vintage clothing, I have never owned a little black dress. SHOCK HORROR! Never!
No wait again, I have… I’ve had an evening dress, but never a staple piece for everyday wear, and gosh I needed one. 
I had looked and looked for years and years without ever finding anything close to perfect, and just the other day on an opshopping spree, I found one!
It’s simple, it’s fitted, it has a cute black lace collar, It’s the right length, the fabric is rather stiff so it goes ‘boom’ at the bottom (‘boom’ is the noise for sticky-outy), and it fits me! Yahhh! Happy!

Anyway some photos!

Simple and cute right?  :)

Fockets, or fake pockets! Fabulous large ones.
They don’t open at the top, there’s a secret pocket behind them.

My beautiful Betty Hunter!
She always takes the stage when a photoshoot is taking place.

How orange could this photo get!
Put your sunglasses on!
Check out this handbag.
Could it be more perfectly suited to my coat?
Love it.

Well that’s all today!

Until my next post

Trish Hunter xx