My favorite piece of Vintage Jewellery


While sitting in my Ladies room / boudoir, pondering over the name, thinking I’d like to change it (ideas anyone?)  I was unconsciously running my fingers through my jewellery box and thought it’d be a great post to show you some of my favorite pieces.

I’ve never really been a jewellery wearing lady.  I don’t wear vintage rings, necklaces, earrings anything really.   I may occasionally rummage through my treasures if an outfit is lacking something, or I have a special occasion, but for every day wear I am generally jewelleryless.

This however doesn’t stop me loving it and buying it!

I thought I’d start by showing you my all time favorite piece.

Here it is!

I got this when I was around the age of 13.  My Dad’s Aunty, my Great Aunt Mary had passed.   The family was invited over to my Uncles house to see if there was anything we wanted of hers.  I don’t remember a lot, but I remember a small little drawer of jewellery bits and pieces shown to the Great Grandchildren including myself and asked if we wanted something.

I wasn’t at all ‘vintagey’ then, but something about this, well, everything about this, made me fall in love with it, take it and treasure it dearly ever since.

Isn’t she beautiful?  It’s a sterling silver brooch, with a beautiful girl wearing an amazing frock made of a butterfly wing.  It’s so spooky and beautiful and interesting. I’m sure many could sit and stare at her for so long imagining her stories, her adventures, where is she going? What is she looking for? It’s so whimsical and detailed.

Even the back is beautiful.

I have never seen another one like it.  A few years ago I tried to find out more about it but there was nothing even close to similar.  Butterfly wing pieces are reasonably common but are often souvenir pieces.  This however is really interesting and detailed. It’s almost 3d.

A couple of years ago I found another one similar, just of a simple wing.  It cost me $2.  I’ve never found another.

But yes.  That’s my favorite piece.  I so hope I can pass it onto my children one day.

I don’t remember much about Great Aunt Mary except that she had goldfish in her pond and lots of dark furniture.

But even still, I’m glad I have this of hers.  I wish I knew where she got it from and what it meant to her.

Well that’s all from me!

I’ll show you another piece super soon!

Trish Hunter xx