How to wear those pieces you avoid in your wardrobe.


Last Sunday, I put together an outfit using pieces in my wardrobe, mostly that I’ve never worn before.

Although so many people do it, it’s such a weird thought.  Why do we keep things that we think don’t suit us in our wardrobes and why do we even buy it in the first place?

I think it’s because they actually do suit us, we just need to find a way to wear it well.

I think we can suit any piece of clothing that we grow an attachment to.  We buy it because we love it! Which means it should suit us because it suits what we like. (Sentence with too many ‘suits’)I haven’t ever worn the two main pieces in the photographs above, being the vintage lace dress and the 50′s beaded cardigan, for a number of reasons.

The dress.

1) The colour of the 50′s lace dress was way too light for me. I’ve always strayed away from pastels, peaches, pinks, and light colours.   My look is usually bold and bright.

2) Lace had always seemed so feminine, Devonshire tea like, & pretty.  And although I liked it, (which is why I bought it) I didn’t think I personally suited it.

The cardigan.

1) It’s black.  I rarely wear black which surprises me as it’s about as bold as you can get! And I like to wear dark intense colours that contrast my porcelain skin. Still, the black area of my wardrobe rarely see’s natural light.

2) Gold.  I never ever wear gold.  I just don’t suit it, jewellery, clothing, anything. I always wear silver toned pieces.  Again confused as it contradicts my statement above where I stick to bold bright pieces.
So when flicking through the unused area of my wardrobe, these two pieces called out to me.  The gold in the beadwork of the cardigan may bring out the colours in the dress.

The paleness & girlyness of the frock will be counter balanced by the dark bold cardigan.
Instead of a completely girly pale outfit, or a dark bold & gold outfit, I have a nice mix of both which changes the outfit into something I would wear! Something that is exactly of my style.

So my instincts were right.  I did like these pieces for a reason, they do suit me, I just had to find the right way to wear them.

Individually, the pieces weren’t me at all.  But together, absolutely something I’d wear regularly!

Oh and these were my shoes.  Even though they’re black and gold, I often wear them as they’re easy to tie into outfits.  I usually wear black shoes. These ones are made by Parker exclusively for Georges in Melbourne. They’re beautiful.

If you have pieces in your wardrobe that you don’t wear.  Have a think about what it is about it that isn’t right and why you’re avoiding it. Then try to find a way to make it work, by bringing in something else to even it out and make it more you!

What’s in your wardrobe that you’ve never worn?

Well that’s all from me!

Until my next post

Trish Hunter xx

2 Comments to How to wear those pieces you avoid in your wardrobe.

  1. Katie says:

    Betty is so adorable in that last photo!

    The only pieces in my wardrobe that I haven’t worn ones I’ve bought recently. For some reason, I always feel as though I need to wait for the right moment to wear new clothes!

    • Trish Hunter says:

      Haha she’s such a little poser! It’s so so cute when she’s doing it!

      That’s so great that you wear everything in your wardrobe! It’s so hard to do! But yep totally understand that you need the right moment for new clothes! It’s like they need an special entrance into your world :):)