How Time Flies WOW – Beginning Hunter and Co Vintage

Hiya folks!

I was sorting through my photo albums on my computer looking to make some extra room, and I stumbled across the album from when Gareth, Dad & I were building our Vintage shop – Hunter & Co. Vintage.

I saw the title of the album and clicked knowing what would be in there, but I was so wrong!

My memory of where we’d come from had completely changed.  I’ve become so used to being at the shop how it is now, I had forgotten what a transformation we did on not only the physical look of the shop, but on Gareth & I too!

If you ever want to test a relationship, then build a shop together and battle over creative differences & ideas.  If you can survive that, then you’re made for each other!

I thought I’d do a quick throw back to only about six months ago (which seems like years ago) when we were building our shop so maybe you can go ‘wow’ too!

Exploring the empty building before we moved in! Imagining all the things we can do with it!

I get goosebumps just seeing this! It’s SO different now!

This is the front room where our ‘rooms’ are now.  We were deciding the size of the rooms and seeing if they could be functional at the sizes we chose.

How’s that gawky blue! Yerk.  It took mannnnnny coats of paint to get rid of that.

Up go the walls!

Ah, the joy of cutting in!

The first time it started to look a bit different! – I got a bit excited here!

Then there was a LOT of this.  It wasn’t a normal job either.  The walls are heavily textured with a thick render, so in order to cover the blue thoroughly, you can’t just roll over the top, you have to push the roller hard into the wall and then roll.  It crippled our hands after 4 coats of paint – and there are STILL blue bits showing through argh!

It was many many nights up till all hours getting the shop ready in just a couple of weeks.  But we had to keep going!

Then the best bit that I couldn’t wait for! COLOUR!!!!

Cabinets started to roll into the cabinet room.

Flooring being measured out and fixed, picture rails going up, and customized skirting boards being cut to fit the warped floor (thanks Dad!)

The beginning of moving in all of our treasure – It didn’t look as exciting as I dreamed.

With no time to spare, we were cleaning and styling until the very last minute before we opened – and we DID IT!!

And since that time, so much has changed.  It’s really really transformed and become an extended part of us.

Looking back at this huuuuge change completely knocks my socks off and reminds me of what we’ve achieved.  Gosh I’m proud!

I forget what we actually did in such a short period of time so I think reminders like this are priceless!

*Hifives* to Gareth & I.

Well that’s all from me!

Until my next post

Trish Hunter xx