Before you contact us, please take a read of our frequently asked questions :)

Would you be able to do a Blog or Facebook post on my business / brand / event?
I absolutely love working with and supporting local businesses and events.
Blogging is such a great way to promote and get your name out there!

I’d love to hear what you have in mind whether it be just a simple Facebook post, or a combination of posts from all social media sources including blog format.

Each package is tailored to suit your budget.

Please let me know your budget, and I’ll work out a few suitable packages at a range of prices to suit.  You can then choose what package works for your business best.


Do you buy items?
Yes, we’re always looking to buy vintage pieces.
Whether you have a house lot, a deceased estate, or individual items we’d love to chat with you.  Our only catch? We only buy genuine vintage pieces :)

We don’t buy pieces that are already listed on eBay, Gumtree, or after you’ve had a garage sale sorry.

If you would prefer we come by and visit you to discuss your treasures, we’re happy to depending on location and items mentioned! We’ll often need to see a few photos, (they don’t have to be great) Just to give us an idea of what you have, as we get many calls and can’t attend all of them.

What do you pay for coffee tables? (for example.)
How long is a piece of string?
Everything in the vintage world whether it be clothing, furniture, kitchenware, records etc has so many variables.
We sell coffee tables from $40 right up to $500 sometimes.
We obviously can’t pay $200 for an item we’ll sell for $50.
It all depends on condition, style, shape, designer, desirability, if it’s in fashion at the moment, colour, whether we have a back log of them already that we can’t sell or not, etc etc.   So if you’d like to sell us something in particular, best send through some photos and an idea of what price you would like for it.

Can you value my item please?
Unfortunately due to high demand for valuations, I can’t do free valuations.
We do offer a service to value your items for you so you have an idea of their worth and what to sell them for.

This comes at a charge and depends on amount of items and time to be spent.  If you’re interested,  please contact us.

How much is my item worth?
Items can be worth drastically different amounts and there are many variables.
A JH Lynch print for example can be worth $40 in poor condition, or $300+ in great condition.
Brand / maker / designer, condition, colour, desirability, shape, style, quantity, if it’s packaged, if it has instructions, is it missing buttons, been altered/modified, if it’s faded, water marked, cracked, chipped, used/unused, original sticker, signed, dated, original shade,  mismatched shade, working, not working, etc all have an impact on it’s price.

For example. A clock could be worth $200 used and in normal condition.  However the same clock, but mint new in box clock could be worth three times as much, or even more!

There are many elements that effect the value of an item.
If you see an item the same as yours somewhere, it may be worth the same, but it may be worth significantly more or less depending on the above points.

I found your site when googling caravans and want to do a similar thing with a shop in a caravan, can I ask your advice?

I get at least one email a week from people wanting to know this question.
My caravan shop was the greatest thing I have ever done and also the hardest.
The caravan itself cost thousands and thousands of dollars, took a month of crazy hours to do up and a lot of money to do so (as it has to be done well or there’s no point really).  The van was in great shape for a vintage van when we bought it, however if my Dad wasn’t a skilled carpenter, there’s not a chance the project would have ever worked out.
If you don’t have a lot of money to pay someone a few months full time work to get the van looking amazing, or someone who is VERY handy in your life, I suggest this isn’t the idea for you.
If you do, then go for it!  It’s a lot of fun, a lot of stress, but in the end you’ll be proud.

Sorry I can’t answer your individual questions, I get a lot of emails about this and sadly don’t have enough time sorry.

However if you look through my website, I’ve included photo albums of our process in the photos section, and many blog posts about it.

Where do you find all of your vintage things?
There’s this one shop in Bonnie Doon that sells everything I stock in our shop, and wear, and everything’s only $2 each!

No no.  I wish there was one place where we could source from, but unfortunately there’s not.  But that’s the fun isn’t it? We never know what we’ll find one day to the next, or where we’ll find it.

Hunting is our job, our livelihood, and we travel everywhere in hope of finding that one treasure that we can pass onto you and make your home complete and fabulous.

I noticed you had a (insert item here) on your website but that it’s sold out, when will you be getting more in stock?
It’d be so great if I could pick up a phone and place an order for Grant Featherston chairs, but unfortunately that isn’t my business.

Everything we buy is vintage, so is often rare, unusual and one of a kind, if not, we may only get one a year, or one every 10 years.  We never know, as we never know what we’ll find.

You can always leave your name, phone number and item you desire with us and next time we find one we can give you a call, but we will never know when that may be.

Do you take vintage pieces on commission and what percentage do you take?
We certainly do take consignment pieces.  However due to space we are pretty picky!

We only take pieces with a value over $100.

We take 25% commission, however this can change depending if there is restoration work, listing etc that needs to occur.

We don’t take vintage clothing on consignment, however we do purchase vintage clothing & accessories pre-70′s.

Could we borrow some of your pieces for a photoshoot / tv show?
Absolutely! All of our pieces are available for hire, as is our whole shop space!

Our whole shop can be hired out to use, and all of our vintage items can be used as props.

Change up our beautiful vintage rooms into any style you like to suit your shoot.  You have access to all of our props for the whole day.

Rates are – $395 for a half day, or $495 for a whole day.
Available Mon-Thurs 8-6pm, or by arrangement.

If you require one or two pieces please contact us to negotiate a hire price.

What kind of dog is Betty?

We aren’t sure what kind of dog Betty is.  It was sold to her original owner as a pure breed Pomeranian, however she’s definitely not that.  We’ve been told many breeds she could be, however the closest we’ve found is a German Spitz perhaps a cross breed.