1) Are you a workaholic?

I work a lot and sometimes stay in the office till night when all the tasks are finished but I cannot say that I am a workaholic. I have a lot of hobbies and interests besides my job and I devote my time to them with great pleasure. By the way, my advice to my clients is not to plunge into work at the very beginning unless you have something to get you back. Otherwise, you might become that person without any personal life who spends all the time in the office. Recruiters try to stay away from such workers as your soft skills including your ability to communicate with others are of utmost importance too.

2) USA or Great Britain?

I was born in Great Britain and sometimes miss its traditions and way of life. But I like New York better. It cannot but inspire you to create and move forward. It will never let you unwind. When I am back home I relax too much and turn into a couch potato.

3) Three main mistakes of job seekers

First of all, they are late for interviews or they cancel interviews in the nick of time. We should appreciate each other`s time so if you can`t come or you have already accepted another offer don`t forget to inform other recruiters who might be waiting for you. Secondly, people come to the interview absolutely unprepared. They don`t have any resume or letters of reference with them and know nothing about the position they`re applying for or the company they would like to work for. Believe me, recruiters can tell at once if you are ready or not for the interview. And last but not least, don`t make up too much about yourself and don`t pretend to be a person you are not in reality. Again, we do some research and may contact people at your previous workplaces to get to know more about you. It`s not very pleasant to hear people lie just to get a job.