Dressing up for the fun of just dressing up!!

There’s a lot of talk going around (everywhere I turn it seems) about how people are no longer dressing up anymore.

I’m a total fence sitter and believe it’s each to their own.

Personally, I love dressing up, and that is my each to my own, and I do it rather avidly.

It’s okay to not feel that way yourself.  Everyone should do what makes them happy, and dressing up in vintage makes me happy :)  Your happy may be something completely different that isn’t mine!  And that’s cool too!

I take any opportunity to dress up, as when I do, I feel my best.  I notice I change.
My posture is automatically corrected, my confidence raised, and I feel I could take on the world.

I just recently sorted my wardrobe into two categories:  Day wear and evening wear and was shocked to find that both categories were pretty equal in size.

‘But I have soooo many more day wear activities than evening activities.’ (or so I thought) So why did I have so many evening frocks? (or was it too little day frocks hehe)
Then I realised actually I don’t! I have the same amount of nights as I do days, I just usually save the ‘special’ evening dresses for what I rated as extra special nights which is why they never got worn.

Why can’t every night be special?

(The sun was setting and so beautiful as we walked.)

I decided enough was enough, and of late I’ve been using any excuse to wear these evening outfits!

Just the other night, Marianne & I did just that, we went out for a quiet drink and chat, and we dressed up for no one but ourselves!

(How dreamy is Marianne’s 1930′s frock?)

As we were taking our photos, a passer by asked ‘What’s the occasion?’

Marianne replied, “It’s Monday :) ”

I wore a vintage 1950′s bronzey coloured pure silk cocktail dress with a black floral lace overlay.

We had a fantastic night and I can’t wait to dress up more evenings, more often!! Yay!!

Well that’s all from me!

Until my next post

Trish Hunter xx

7 Comments to Dressing up for the fun of just dressing up!!

  1. MarieBayArea says:

    I wish there was a National Dress Up Day in the U.S. It would be fun if just for one day we could all feel dressy, overdressed, dressed to the nines, and gorgeous. Men and Women and pets.

  2. Kayla says:

    Amazing dresses, you both look beautiful!

  3. Teresa says:

    You both look gorgeous and I love the evening light in your photos!

    I’ve never thought to sort my frocks into ‘evening’ and ‘day’… such a great idea. I have an inkling my ‘evening’ frocks will probably be lacking.


    • Trish Hunter says:

      Thanks heaps Teresa, it really was such a nice night!
      Oh but I had the same inkling! I was surprised! It’s so much easier to look through when they’re separated. :)

  4. cynthia says:

    You are amazing.