Dreaming of Far Away Places

I’ve never had the travel bug.
All my friends got it and have been to places I’ve never even thought of.
My dream for so long was to own my own business, and that has taken priority over any bugs in the past.
But now… I’m starting to get infected.

I want to see beautiful architecture, eat food I’ve never thought to and see amazing vintage pieces from around the world.

I think the bug jumped on me when I went on the very short Sydney trip late last year.
I was nearly in tears when boarding the plane I was so overwhelmed.
Even though it was just a state away, being somewhere completely new was just so so exciting!

In 1999 (Year 9 of highschool) I went to Japan for a school trip.
I was a fussy eater and wouldn’t touch most Japanese food because it was ‘different’.
My friend Clare and I ate a lot of McDonalds those two weeks because it was familiar.
How terribly embarrassing is that?
I really didn’t appreciate that trip, I didn’t live it, experience what I could have or make the most of it. I was young and well… very young.

Oh how different things would be now, now I’d appreciate beautiful places, delicious cuisine, and experiences I’ve never dreamed.

So this year it’s my mission to save so that I can one day in the coming couple of years, Gareth and I can travel somewhere amazing and begin to really experience things.

I can’t wait.

We did a photoshoot with this idea in mind as inspiration… This is how it went.

We got a lot of laughs as I kept moving and knocking over globes.
Then I got the giggles and I drove poor Gareth mad trying to hold a straight face while tears were running from my eyes with laughter.

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And that’s all from me.

Until my next post

Trish Hunter xx


2 Comments to Dreaming of Far Away Places

  1. Nora says:

    What a lovely idea for a photoshoot, the pictures came out great too! You are such a pretty vintage lady :) Gotta love a classic polkadot dress!

    • Trish Hunter says:

      Hullo! Thanks so much for your lovely comment! :)
      Your posts are completely gorgeous too! And you’re right, can’t go wrong with polkadots xx