Business Brunches, and Vintage Shopping

Hello hello!  Happy Easter Saturday!

I’m running a wee bit behind, so this is a post from Tuesday!

I met up with the lovely Marianne and went to the Pearl Oyster for brunch.
I’d not been there before, but whenever I’d ask customers in the shop “Where’s good to go for food & coffee around here?” They would all without a doubt say “Ohhh you have to try the Pearl Oyster”  I had high expectations for this place, so I was looking forward to it.

The cafe is very cute and quirky without it being over the top.  There’s little touches of vintage everywhere.
I love this little section of the wall.

How perfect are the menus? Made from vintage books.

First up, coffee please!

I love these little plasterware heads.  It’s hard to find nice ones.  They are usually made by the company ‘Bosons’ But most of the time they’ll be of old grumpy looking men, not at all desirable wall hangings.  I love when I see pretty Lady ones like this.

And then brunch.  Of course our businessy discussions were the whole reason of getting together today but let’s be honest, this was the best part.
Our customers & Marianne were very right, this place is so delicious.
Those mushrooms were just, so mwoahhh. (I have no other way to explain it)
I’m already on Gareth’s back to take me there again so I can try everything else, however I do know that I’m going to get there and want those mushrooms again.

We did get to some important discussions, and then continued the day with some shopping! Fun!

We both got some exciting treasures, but my favorite find was something I’d never found before.  A tea towel.  I know that sounds so boring, but it’s not!
See I never usually buy vintage tea towels, I mean I always look in case I find a fab vintage one, but they’re usually 70′s/80′s tourist pieces.
But today… TODAY!! I actually found one. Yep it’s a 1950′s printed tea towel, and it’s never ever been used. The print is amazing, those typical 50′s style shapes, patterns & colours.
Ahh I love it.  It will go into my little fabric collection.
Marianne got a few neat treasures too! Keep an eye on her blog for that post :)

Ah, and a day with a fellow Vintage blogger had to include some outfit photos!

I had a very miss matched era outfit on today, but I think it worked together well.

I wore a lovely 1940′s frock with the cutest sleeve and collar detail.
A 1960′s starbursty brooch, and a pair of 1970′s does 1920′s t-bar shoes.
A little from all eras.

And to finish off the day, Marianne and I drove through a lovely street with a perfect green leafy tree and took some more shots.  I went from using my completely functional, reasonably new, perfectly suitable for what I do camera, to using her hunk of pure camera heaven and have since been dreaming of cameras. It was so beautiful to use.  Oh dear.

I may have to find some kind of excuse to buy one soon.  Wait my Birthday is in May… I’d be pushing my luck but… hmm!

Anyway it was such a nice day.  Always after a meeting with Marianne I feel so inspired.  I go home and have business ideas churning about in my head constantly.
Many-a-things planned, and oh I’ll give you the heads up, I’d mark Saturday the 11th of May as ‘busy’ in your calendars – Just in pencil for now, as it’s not 100% – But it will be an amazing day that we have planned – More on that very soon!

Until my next post!

Trish Hunter xx

2 Comments to Business Brunches, and Vintage Shopping

  1. Nora says:

    You look beautiful!! :)

    Glad to know that you have a fellow vintage lady to brainstorm with, I think the vintage world can be competitive sometimes and having a friend who’s supportive is really precious! I hope your shop is doing well – the vintage shops here around Sydney aren’t doing so great which is bizarre considering the number of vintage/period shows on tv/movies!


    • Trish Hunter says:

      Aw thankyou Nora!! xx
      It really is refreshing. I think my friends are a little over my enthusiasm for vintage. It can be a little much sometimes I’m sure, so always nice to find someone like-minded to share ideas with!
      The shop is so far so good! We’re really happy. I’m surprised Sydney isn’t doing so well. I thought the demand for vintage was high up there. Although I think in general it’s slow everywhere retail wise whether it be vintage or normal retail. I hope it picks up for everyone’s sake!
      And yes definitely, I thought the TV/Movies would have a big impact. Maybe it’s just biding its time :)
      Nice to hear from you xx