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My Australia Day in Marysville 2014


I love a public holiday, don’t we all?  But I have rarely been in my home town Marysville for any of them since I was a teen, so it hadn’t even crossed my mind that they would be holding festivities!  I was so Melbournised.  My plans for the day were so simple and mostly work related (woo!)

It wasn’t until I logged onto Facebook that morning that one of the local cafes had mentioned the local market was on that morning!

Market! Fun! I thought I could find some nice local produce or something to cook up an Aussie storm for dinner! Read More!

Keppel Lookout Marysville on a hot Summers day.

Sometimes…. You just have to do this…

Read More!

Resolutions, new things, weird feelings, long fingernails!!


Well this is certainly a blog I never thought I would post!

I have wanted to post this for as long as I can remember, but have never had the resources to.

I’ve always had my bottom lip sticking out when I saw my friends fancy fingers and never thought that I’d be the one with fancy fingers myself!

But now… I can announce… for the first time EVER!


My New Years Eve 2013-1014 :)


Better late than never right? I’ve finally got around to editing all the photos from my amazing New Years! Yey!

What an amazing, intense, crazy, busy, incredible, difficult, happy, sad, good, bad, and memorable year 2013 was!  It contained every level of every emotion one could go through and for that, it was both exciting and sad to see 2013 leave and 2014 begin!

This year, I was invited by my long time friend Shannon – Who you may know as the creative behind Prettyparcel) – to her and partner Kenny’s crazy amazing beach front home down on the Peninsula!

I was so excited! See, I’m not a huge party girl, I’m more of a quiet drinks with a few friends kind of girl, so I never really do the whole big HAPPY NEW YEAR shenanigans. Read More!

42 Degrees Celcius in Melbourne – I’m going to the pool… Vintage style!

I’m so far from a beach babe or any kind of water girl!

I like the indoors.

I like to stay unburned, cool and comfortable.

I like my hair to stay feeling nice and clean and big.

I like knowing my phone hasn’t been stolen from my handbag 500 metres away.

I like knowing that my feet won’t be injured from glass, or strange unknown underwater objects.

I like that slimy, moving and alive specimens aren’t sliding past my legs. Read More!

Vintage 1950s swimsuit bathers swimming costume and cateye glasses blog outfit