Beginning to find my love for Vintage and some old, gold photos!

Hiya guys, have I an interesting blog post for you today!

About a month ago I had to buy a new computer, which meant the big horrible swap over of files from old to new.   And naturally, like in any move, you go through old things that you had forgotten about.

I found a whole album full of photos from 2005 to around 2008.  These were the days when I was falling in love with vintage, beginning to find my style and becoming Trish.

I thought it’d be a good post to show you a bit of my vintage journey, show you some questionable choices in outfits, hair and makeup, and to show you that not everyone just jumps into being a vintage girl overnight, no one comes out of the womb in heels and pearls, or is necessarily good at putting together a style from the get go.  It took me years to find my style, and at each stage I was at, I remember thinking I’d never ever change!

I love looking back as it shows me how far I’ve come and I think it’s pretty special.

So here is a huge mix of piccies, many from those *cough Myspace cough* days.  You’ll see what I mean.

I hope you enjoy the throwback as much as I did :)

(These are in no particular order and quite tricky to date but they’re from 2005 up to 2008.)

1) I began my love of vintage in that ‘Nanna dress’ style.  I loved it and still have held onto a few dresses that I used to love.

2)  I got very 60s-ey as you’ll see.  This is a creation I made by making a shift dress out of some vintage fabric and cutting a head hole in a giant doily to turn it into a large collar/sleeves.

1) Red hair days, and yep, sneaky sneaky there’s a nose ring in there!

2) I used to love doing mini photoshoots.  I’d get an idea in my head and use my limited photoshop skills to try and make it work.  As soon as I saw this dress I knew I wanted to make an image out of it.

1) Oh my gosh I nearly died when I found this one.  A very early photo of me that I photoshopped to death but wew.  It was very unlike me.   I actually really kind of like it now! It’s so intense!

2) I absolutely loved (and still do actually) 1980s prom dresses.  This was my 22nd Birthday.   Big sleeves, crazy fabrics, out there shapes.  Love it all!

My very first car! I was a touch excited.  Remember the hooded leather jacket trend? I mixed it with the tan leather accessory style which is actually still going strong now!  I really loved some of the bloggers who did that style well back then, but I never really nailed it.  It just wasn’t me.

1) 60s days! I actually made this outfit, hat and all!

2) Okay before you unfollow me, I didn’t actually wear this outside the house.  Believe it or not acid/stone wash was very trendy and so whenever I saw pieces I’d swipe them up to sell in my then eBay store.  It just so happened that I had collected all these pieces at once, so it totally called for a photo!

1) Still in tan leather accessory stage.  That whimsical style with the floral shirts and pussybow shirts were so adorable!

2) Ergh polyester.  I absolutely love any strong print and it just so happened that so many of them were on the 1970s polyester dresses.  Glad I left that stage.  Not good breathing fabrics :)

I truly fell in love with the 1970s.  Pretty much everything in my house was 1970s then and it was when I really begun wanting my own vintage shop.

More Nanna dress stages (Oh and hair extension stages… Yup! I always wanted long hair.)

Roar!  I never thought I’d get out of the rayban and plaid shirt stage.  Ever ever ever.  But I did!

My first ‘real’ vintage kitchen!  My first home that wasn’t a bedsit or a share-house! I thought this was pretty special.

1) I lived in mini dresses!! The mini-er the better-er :)

2) I worked in a costume shop for over three years and it was the best job I ever had!  I’m still good friends with my bosses.  They taught me so much about small business knowing I wanted to open my own vintage shop and it was an amazing learning experience.
We also dressed up in awesome costumes and took silly photos :)  Look at moi look at moi!

More of my vintage 1980s big sleeve prom dresses! <3

1) More costumes! This is me geek style at my friend Shannon’s 21st :)

2) Me? In black? Yup got to try everything!

1) This photo is from 2005? I think.  My friend Stacey took it for her Uni assignment.  I couldn’t believe I had this on my computer!  I also couldn’t believe how similar it actually was to how I dress now, 8 years later :)

2) E I G H T I E S!

Alright… and now I have some GIFS! I used to make so many Gifs and put them on my Myspace page.  Here’s just a few that I found.

This one is probably the earliest.  All my opshopped cameras I had found.  I wasn’t even wearing vintage here, this was actually probably earlier than 2005, back in band tshirt “punky/emo” days.

Did I mention I liked 80′s prom dresses? Did I? Hmm I think I did.  This is my friend Shannon, Ash & myself in a rather odd pose? :)

And finally one of my favorites.  This was at the very very very beginning of me buying vintage.   There was this very popular trend where we’d wear skirts as dresses.  Basically hike them up and pop a belt around the middle.  I did that a lot with 80s nanna skirts as I loved their fabrics.

This was a modern formal dress skirt that would have come with a corsety kind of top bit.  Oh and it was maroon :)


I’m still forever growing and learning about vintage fashion, and well, vintage in general really which is the exciting thing about it.  In 40 years I’ll still be learning, it never ends.

I often wonder if I’ll ever stay firm in one style, but to be honest I’m confident I won’t! There’s always room to move, grow and try new things.   I’m actually getting cravings to go back and do the 60′s look again, but also go the opposite direction and move even earlier into the 40s where I’ve never even been before.

So keep in mind that if you’re wanting to get into wearing vintage don’t wait!
Just start trying things!  Pick things you like and give them a go!  Let your vintage journey start NOW, no ones ever got their ‘forever style’ and we all start somewhere :)

Hopefully this post inspires you to begin your vintage journey if you haven’t already, because you just have to start!

Yeah of course, like me, you might giggle about it years down the track when your tastes have evolved or changed, but who cares! Think about now! Not what might be later!
I love my old giggle worthy photos! Seriously the years above were some of my happiest and I partially have my ‘finding of Vintage’ to thank for that, and I didn’t feel that way by being scared of what people would think of me.  I dressed how I wanted and I loved it!

I’m going to be doing some posts on how to wear vintage in different ways soon for those wanting to start or grow their vintage style but not sure where to start, so keep an eye out for those!


OH… and if you think this post might help someone you know with their vintage adventures be sure to share it :)


Well that’s all from me!

Until my next post

Trish Hunter xx

12 Comments to Beginning to find my love for Vintage and some old, gold photos!

  1. Genevieve says:

    Wow, this really brings back memories of my own vintage journey! (goth > psychedelic 60s > 70s shirts, cardies and bell bottom jeans stage > 1910-1920′s > 50s > 80′s preppy/manga stage > steampunk > 50s rockabilly > goth > and now I find myself a combination of 50′s, classic/preppy, and goth. Most of all, I feel like my journey has really helped me refine my style. Really liked what you mentioned about wearing what you love and not being concerned what others might think :) Have a great day Trish!

    • Trish Hunter says:

      Hiya! How much fun is it looking back?? Even if it’s cringe worthy it’s so rewarding to see. I loved my little flashback journey! I’d love to see yours! You certainly covered some ground!! And that’s such a good line, it really has refined my style for sure! If I hadn’t have gone through my styles, I wouldn’t be where I am now if I hadn’t! Love it.
      Thanks for your lovely comment xx

  2. Kelly Forages says:

    I loved this Trish, loved it.

  3. The Glamourista says:

    This is the best blog post ever!
    I particularly enjoyed the 70′s apartment shot – could have actually been from my parents photo album from the mid 70s when they go together!

    Also loved the vintage kitchen – all 60′s, until you get to the Garfield phone. Adorable!

    I love looking back through old photos. It funny how you think you feel the same as you always have, but sometimes looks back is like looking at someone else’s life!

    • Trish Hunter says:

      Hoorah! Thanks so much! It was so much fun putting it together and going through all the older photos!! It’s so awesome to see how we’ve grown looking back.
      Hahah Garfield phone! We had one growing up, my Pop got it for us and I loved it.
      Thanks for your lovely comment xx

  4. Zunni says:

    What a lovely post! So encouraging for those of us who might be too timid to venture into vintage, and so thrilling to see your changes over the years.
    P.S. I saw your partner at the supermarket today, and almost said ‘hello’, completely forgetting that he wouldn’t know me just because I follow your blog. (Although I have had the pleasure of meeting and patting Betty at your shop.)

    • Trish Hunter says:

      Helloo! Firstly thanks for your lovely comment! Secondly Hehe it’s a small world isn’t it? You so should have said hello! I’m sure he would have been flattered to be ‘hi-ed’ OH Yays little Betty! You’re welcome to Betty pats anytime!

  5. mariebayarea says:

    This is the absolute best! Thank you Trish for posting this. It really brought a smile to my face. You’re a total dress up doll whatever era you decide to rock.

  6. Fashionista says:

    There is EVERYTHING to love about 80s prom frocks! The ridiculous frills, the eye watering colours, adding black accents to the eye watering colours. I made wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses in the 80s and early 90s and while I do love a good 80s frock, I have an aversion to actually wearing taffeta myself. Great post, thank you for sharing.

    • Trish Hunter says:

      Oh good you’re with me!! I didn’t think I’d be alone on that ship! They’re SO much fun!!! Oh wow what a job making them all!! You must be super talented!! Thanks for your lovely comment xx