about me

Hi hi!   My name’s Trish!

I’m a 28 year young Lady living the Vintage life in Melbourne, Australia.

I co-own a Vintage shop in Preston, Melbourne called Hunter & Co. Vintage.

My Melbourne based vintage blog is Trish Hunter Finds, for which I have been posting since 2008.
That is where I post regularly about my passion for all things Vintage.
My blog features a great mix of Vintage fashion/outfit posts, and also interesting treasures and pieces from our past that you may have never seen before!  Anything from antiques, to quirky oddities that hold great stories.

I love living and blogging about my Vintage lifestyle and try to incorporate it into as many parts of my life as I can.   Why? Because Vintage is happy, unique, interesting, quality, stylish, affordable, and makes you feel absolutely amazing to own and/or wear it.

Though I am known to dress and style in a predominantly 1950′s fashion, I actually love items from most periods in time.  Both my house and wardrobe holds items all the way from Edwardian, right through to 1980′s.

I love to learn, teach and inspire which is why I surround myself in Vintage and blogging.  Vintage is a never ending subject to learn from.   I will, and can never learn it all, so my mind is always working, hungry and forever, happily unsatisfied.

My passion for sharing my knowledge of Vintage is huge, and hope in each post, I can inspire my readers to love vintage too.
Vintage is the most amazing hobby and lifestyle to have, and I hope my posts encourage you to add a little Vintage into your lives.

I personally collect many things.   A few of my favorites include Vintage mannequins, Vintage clothing, Australian pottery by the company Ellis & McLaren, 1950′s Pixie figures, Vintage Hats, Cateye glasses, Vintage Interior & glamour books, and probably much much more.
It’s an addiction and I love it!

You can follow me on many forms of social media including my blog right here on this website!
But also on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


About my Vintage Shops.

Now, I of course want to tell you all a little about me and my vintage shops! (Yep, there’s two!!) And of course how I got to where I am now.

You may know me best as the owner of Melbourne’s first travelling vintage caravan shop, however I upgraded!! I now also have a huge bricks and mortar Vintage shop in Melbourne – I share the space with friend Gareth, who’s eye for vintage is amazing!

We’re at 553 Plenty Road Preston! – Our shop is called ‘Hunter & Co. Vintage‘ And we’re open Fri-Sun 11-6pm! Come by some time!

It’s worth the visit as we’re at the end of a longggg strip of other vintage shops! And just past us is even a retro cafe! The perfect beginning or end to your vintage day!

But leave enough time to visit us, as our shop is deceptive! We look like a tiny shop front, however we actually have a huge 200sq meter two level shop filled with furniture, records, homewares, clothing, lights, art, collectables, pottery, glass, antiques, toys and gosh a bit of everything!

Find out more about us and where we’re located by clicking here.

I say ‘we’ as it’s not just myself that owns and runs the big ‘real life’ vintage shop!
Gareth has been dealing in vintage for as long as I have, and moved over from Perth to open his own vintage shop!  We are a great vintage team with a fabulous mix of vintage tastes, and one amazing vintage shop!!

Hope you’ll come and visit us soon :)


About my Vintage Caravan Shop!

After a very long year in the making, my Vintage caravan shop opened it’s doors in May 2011.
At the time it was the only thing like it in Australia, and something very exciting and unique.  It was a Vintage shop on wheels!

My travelling vintage shop would pop up at Camberwell Market every Sunday, but has now retired due to having our Melbourne Vintage shop! However it’s still available to be hired for events and functions. Click here for more info.


The online vintage shop.

I begun selling vintage online in Early 2009.  I designed a very basic (And very manual) website from scratch in a wordpad document. It begun with only 20 items, most under $50.  It wasn’t spectacular, there wasn’t many great pieces, but it was the beginning.

It built very quickly, and as my knowledge grew, my stock did, and so did my website.
It got so big that I had to do a redesign which led to me starting completely from scratch and getting a whole new website and blog designed in 2011.

This makes it possible to still have the THF experience even if you can’t visit our vintage shop in Melbourne Australia, perhaps you’re in another state, or even overseas.
You can still buy fabulous vintage clothing & collectables anywhere in the world at any time!
My online vintage shop & blog is just a click away!  Right on this very webpage you can find a huge variety of Vintage treasures that might be for sale in the shop.   And you don’t even need to get out of your pyjamas! Hooray!

Also keep in mind that we’re always buying vintage!
If you have something you’re ready to part with, contact Trish Hunter Finds!


The History of Trish Hunter Finds.

Since I was very young, I’ve always been playing shop, though I never treated it like a game.  I took it very very seriously.  It was business after all!
I remember reading a diary entry where I’d sold Dad a pet rock (One of my first businesses) and I made a note saying “Reminder, get 25c from Dad” The next day’s entry was “Got my 25c from Dad”  So so serious.

I was doing anything and everything to create little businesses, from dog walking for $3 per hour, to holding market stalls selling beaded jewellery and doing wraps in other kids hair.

I remember in perhaps year 7, buying two garbage bags of books from the local opshop which cost me a whole $2, and lugging them up to the second hand book shop selling them for $40.
It was always all about business.
I always wanted to be a shop owner.

I began to take the idea seriously in about 2004.
I wanted to start a shop selling vintage band t-shirts with a cheap recording studio out the back.
It was about the same time that I began seriously trawling the Opshops finding cool things for myself.
It quickly got to the stage where I’d bought so much that I couldn’t move in my tiny house.
The vintage band t-shirt shop idea morphed into a vintage shop, and there the dream began to unfold.

Dreaming of owning a shop for my whole life, gave me a narrow view.
Every shop is in a building! That’s what you do, and that’s what I was aiming for.
I didn’t consider that there could be a different way to do things, which was very unlike me – I was always one to think outside the square.

So in 2009, I finally had a lease for the shop I’d always dreamed about, in my hand and I was ready to sign, however in the end it fell through.
Being denied the shop of my dreams, though completely devastating at the time, opened my mind up to new things.
My narrow view widened.

I began to have regular market stalls, to clear out some of the vintage collectables and clothing that I’d accumulated over the years.
I did quite well.  So I had more stalls, and more!

It almost became a little shop!
I had regular customers, and I got to continue to do what I love which was to buy and sell, however there were flaws.
I was constantly being rained on, blown over and having stock get ruined.
I couldn’t do marvelous displays that I’d always dreamed of placing in shop windows, or dress mannequins in stunning evening gowns & fur stoles.

Then, that idea I briefly raised those years ago about the shop in a caravan was brought back and not laughed off.
See, I was trying to come up with ways to further my stall, and also still had the dream of having the shop in the back of mind, it became clear what I had to do – The shop in a caravan! Ding!

After some research and forum chatting about the construction of caravans, I found out it
could really possibly work!

From then on the Trish Hunter Finds caravan shop project was underway.
There were plenty of disasters along the way, dragging out the project for a whole year. (And I mean plennnnty of disasters.)
My Dad became the hero of the story.  He helped me create my travelling vintage caravan shop!

I was finally a shop owner! Yeeee.

After nearly two years of running the Vintage Caravan shop, I’d met a fellow vintage enthusiast Gareth, both with dreams of a ‘real’ shop, and we were ready to go even further.  We started shop hunting! We were opening a ‘real’ shop! Wow.  I thought I’d be operating from a caravan for many years to come! But it was already time to move onto bigger and greater things.  I was so much more ready now.

That’s where we are up to now!  Hunter & Co. Vintage is located at 553 Plenty Rd Preston and is FABULOUS! (If I do say so myself.)

The Future of Trish Hunter Finds

I’m so very excited about what the future holds for Trish Hunter Finds.
There are a lot of ideas in the works and although it sounds like we’ve peeked, this is just the very beginning!

Thanks for reading this novel of an about me!