A Vintage Christmas

Wow it’s already that time of the year.
I know it’s said every year but GOSH it’s gone fast!

I feel like I just took down last years decorations and I’m already putting them back up!
Well this year I thought I’d photograph some of my Vintage decorations to show you all.

Enjoy :)

This guy is one of my favorite things! He’s a 1950′s Myer windows plaster Santa!
Yep he came right from the windows we all love.

Santa was bought at a garage sale about 20 years ago from a man who had held onto it since the 50′s.
This man was a window dresser by trade.  (How I’d love to have seen some of the fabulous windows he’d created.) He took this piece home after dressing the famous Melbourne Myer Christmas windows.

And now he’s mine! Sitting handsomely on my porch.

This is my version of a Christmas wreath.
A touch bah humbug perhaps? Noooo.
I just love the look of barb wire, and when I saw this coiled up vintage piece, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it!

Beginning to put up the vintage glass decorations

Including Santa!

Here’s a cutie! It’s a 60′s Japanese toy reindeer! Ain’t he adorable?

And that’s our Christmas decorations – Vintage style.

22 days to go!

Until my next post

Trish Hunter xx