42 Degrees Celcius in Melbourne – I’m going to the pool… Vintage style!

I’m so far from a beach babe or any kind of water girl!

I like the indoors.

I like to stay unburned, cool and comfortable.

I like my hair to stay feeling nice and clean and big.

I like knowing my phone hasn’t been stolen from my handbag 500 metres away.

I like knowing that my feet won’t be injured from glass, or strange unknown underwater objects.

I like that slimy, moving and alive specimens aren’t sliding past my legs.

I like that feeling when I haven’t swallowed too much salt water because the waves got too big and I thought I was going to die. (good feeling!)

Yep, I don’t like the beach.

Call me ‘cray cray’ or what you wish, but I’m happy to admit it.  It’s just not for me.

I do like to look at the beach, I like to walk along the beach, I like to eat fish and chips by the beach… but that’s where the likes end.

So during this Melbourne heat wave, I cooled down elsewhere.

The local swimming pool called – Still not something I’m super comfortable with, but winning over the beach for sure!

A quick dip,  no mess, and no creepy mysterious animals or objects.

It was time to bust out the swimmers.

That is the one bit I actually do like about water.  Vintage bathing suits yay!

This is what I wore.

You can see some of my vintage bathers collection in a previous post here …

This pair is a vintage 1950′s swimsuit that is one of my favorites.
All cotton, shirred back, gathered bust, cute seashell print, and in a fabulous colour.  I love it.

She sells sea shells…

What’s worse than a 42 degree Summer day? A WINDY 42 degree Summer day. Yergh.

I teamed the cozzie (haha) with my 1950′s cateye glasses.  They are in desperate need of new lenses as they are super scratched so I don’t wear them often anymore… Does anyone know a good place to take them?

I also wore my jellies.  I am living in them this summer.  I don’t often wear modern shoes, but I remember them as a kid, so I’m just going to say they’re vintage style :):)

And plus… they are glittery! So who cares :)

See ya later!! I’m off!

Until my next post

Trish Hunter xx